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You don’t know the value of your car’s service plan until it has run out, as this writer found out recently (albeit a different brand car): “It counts as your 60 000km service, which means we have to replace the cambelt and this and that, so your service will come to R13 000.” Turns out the agent was taking a chance, but still.

A car, any car, is an expense and the longer your drive it, the more expensive it tends to get. There is something about Mahindra and the people who buy them that lead to long relationships. Mahindra owners don’t just sell for the hell of it. So onto the service plan.

Many of the popular entry-level Mahindras do not come with a service plan as a standard. So now Mahindra South Africa has introduced optional service packages for these models, as well as optional extended warranties and top-up packages for those models which come with service plans.

“Our research shows that our Mahindra bakkie and SUV owners have great trust in their cars. They know that they can rely on their Mahindra to transport their family, travel to work or on holiday or support their businesses. With our new plans, they can now extend that trust well beyond the usual length of a warranty or service plan,” said Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra SA.

“Our new plans not only guarantee that customers will not pay extra on services and mechanical repairs covered by the mechanical warranty or service plan, but we guarantee that all services and repairs will be done by trained Mahindra technicians, using Mahindra genuine parts and Maximile oils.”

According to Mahindra, these plans are available across all dealers and all models and offer uncapped coverage on specific parts.

There are three plans to choose from: a three-year/60 000, a five-year/100 000km service plan, as well as ways to extend existing service plans. These plans vary from model to model and according to the trim level of a model, with a more complex 4×4 being more expensive than the two-wheel-drive variant of a similar model.

The three-year plans range between R11 500 and R20 000*, while the five-year plans are between R20 000 and R31 000*. To find out what this peace of mind will cost for your specific model Mahindra, please contact us.

Pricing accurate as at October 2020

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