Mahindra Partners With Indian Logistics Chain On 0%-Emission Delivery

Mahindra + Indian Logistics Chain = Carbon-Neutral Delivery

Mahindra + Indian Logistics Chain = Carbon-Neutral Delivery

If there is one thing we love most about being part of the Mahindra Group, it’s being a part of the solution. Most recently, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) had us all applauding at our South African Group1 Mahindra dealerships when we learned that they had partnered with Delhi-based start-up Terrago Logistics to make pollution-free last-mile delivery a possibility.

MEML is the foremost supplier of electric three-wheeler vehicles throughout India, of which the Mahindra Treo Zor cargo vehicle is one of the most prevalent. Terrago has been using these zippy little numbers to facilitate the delivery of goods for Big Basket (an online shopping giant) and Porter (a big logistics company). The partnership between MEML and Terrago will now see this zero-emission fleet expanding quite rapidly in the coming months.

What Makes the Mahindra Electric Treo Zor so Amazing?

It’s not surprising that Terrago has selected the Treo Zor as their vehicle of choice. Here are a few fast stats about this amazing e-vehicle that shows why its popularity has soared ever since the first-generation models were rolled out in 2020.

The Treo Zor comes to the logistics party with:

  • Best-in-industry power of 8 kW
  • Best-in-class torque of 42 Nm
  • Highest-in-class payload of 550 kg
  • Longest-in-industry wheel-base of 2216 mm
  • Largest-in-industry tires of 30.48 cm
  • Advanced lithium-ion technology
  • Standard 3-year/80 000km warranty
  • Fatigue free driving experience
  • Vibration-free ride
  • Clutchless automatic transmission

Add to this an efficient fleet-management platform with trip reports, live traceability, geo-fencing and vehicle performance stats on the demand, and you have the perfect fleet vehicle in a nutshell.

Why Terrago Loves Mahindra

According to Suman Mishra, the CEO of MEML, Terrago falls right into the key demographic that was envisioned in the vehicle’s design and development phases. The business provides end-to-end logistics solutions in multi-modal transport, warehousing, and last-mile delivery. As such, they were perfectly positioned to take advantage of the higher savings and zero tailpipe emission of the Treo Zor.

There you have it – the latest news on the partnership between Mahindra Electric and Indian Logistics Group Terrago that is making emission-free delivery a reality. We will bring you more news on this exciting front as it becomes available.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog for more inspiring insights into the world of auto tech, and remember to reach out to a Group1 Mahindra representative if you would like to learn about the amazing models we currently have on our showroom floors in Kuils River and Midrand.

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