New Himalayan Inspired Logo For Mahindra Global Ops

Mahindra Autpmotive logo

Mahindra Automotive logo

The Himalaya Range runs like a roofline across the broad top of the Indian subcontinent, stretching from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the East. This massive range has 50 mountains taller than 7 200m, and ten of the world’s fourteen 8 000m peaks. On a clear day, it is visible to millions of Indians living in the fertile plains below, a massive ikon of the size, diversity and power of India.

Mahindra is another Indian icon, a symbol of industry and ingenuity that spans the globe. It has a wide footprint, including aerospace, construction equipment, defence, energy, finance, IT and, of course, cars.

No wonder then that when Mahindra looked to update its logo, it turned its eyes to the north for inspiration. The typeface of the name Mahindra was updated to create the Mahindra Rise, the global logo that would anchor the diverse parts of the conglomerate. The logo has three aspects that work in synergy to create one meaning.

The shape of the word resembles the shape of the mountains as seen from India, a homage to the iconic feature of its native land.

The lettering in Mahindra is, on the other hand, is modern and dynamic, representing the values of the company. The strokes of the letters are strong, with complex details in several of the letters.

The colour has changed as well, from the familiar orangey-red to a deeper colour called “energetic” red. This red will be the unifying feature, with other colours used to denote operations such as aerospace or finance.

The new logo is the third since the company was formed in 1945, moving from a gear/wheel industrial symbol to the current stylised swoosh that forms an M and looks like a freeway stretching ahead. This logo was introduced in 2000 and first used in 2002 on the evergreen Mahindra Scorpio. The new Rise logo has been in the works since 2012 and word has it that it will be debuted on the next generation Mahindra XUV500.

Mahindra started as a steel manufacturer and exporter after the Second World War. A contract to manufacture Willis jeeps created the move into the automotive field. Initially, it concentrated on military, industrial and agricultural vehicles, before creating a comprehensive range of consumer vehicles. These range from heavy-duty workhorse bakkies to very stylish urban SUVs. You can view the full range of South African Mahindra Vehicles here.

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