Test Drive a Mahindra - Affordable Luxury Awaits at Group1
Test Drive a Mahindra

Test Drive a Mahindra

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Book A New Mahindra Vehicle Test Drive at Group1

The Mahindra brand has reinvented itself in South Africa and you can be a part of this exciting experience when you take a New Mahindra Car for a test drive! With new design features, an invigorated model range and some of the most advanced luxury features in their respective automotive classes, can you afford not to take a serious look at this exceptional automotive brand?

We’ll Bring the Test Drive Vehicle to YOU!

We understand that it is not always convenient to visit us to take one of our vehicles for a test drive, so to help introduce you to a new world of exciting driving we now offer a showroom floor direct to your door Mahindra Test Drive experience. Simply book a test drive using the form on the left hand side of this page and we’ll contact you directly to confirm when and where you would like the test drive to take place. We’ll then bring the New Mahindra Car straight to you so that you can experience everything that the Mahindra brand has to offer South African drivers.

Why Take a Mahindra for a Test Drive?

Over the past decade the Mahindra brand has changed to reflect what it is the South African driver wants. It now offers a range of stylish new vehicles and gives the average man in the street access to some of the most affordable cars, bakkies and LCV’s in the country. This is why we at Group1 Mahindra want to help you to make an informed choice when purchasing a new car from us. Because when you do so you will be able to:

  • Make a comparison between Mahindra and other top automotive brands that are available in South Africa. It will also allow you to experience first-hand why people’s perceptions of the Mahindra brand have changed so radically over the past few years.
  • Experience what it means when we say affordable luxury! These are not just mere words, but a statement of fact that is allowing more and more South Africans to enjoy a quality vehicle that is perfect for South African Roads and driving conditions.

Our Mahindra Test Drive Tip!

When taking one of our New Mahindra Cars for a test drive we strongly urge you to bring a friend or trusted family member with. This will give you the opportunity to get a “second opinion” about just how good the Mahindra vehicle that you test drive is. In fact we’re so confident in the Mahindra vehicles on our showroom floor and how much you’ll enjoy them, that we’ll happily let the person who you bring along test drive the vehicle as well. After all, the more people who experience the thrill of test driving a new Mahindra the better!


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